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311 County Road 39A, Southampton, NY, 11968, US

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I have an antique Lucite table base (one of the first ever made!) whose glass top broke during a move. I brought the very carefully wrapped (broken in two clean pieces) top to Hampton Glass and Mirror and told them I was interested in having it replaced—and that for years I’d considered converting the top to from glass to Lucite for safety (because I have little kids.) They discouraged me, saying that would be expensive and that their 1/4” Lucite was too weak to support even a lamp. My home is filled with thick, strong acrylic/Lucite furniture (desks, coffee table, tables!) so I was disappointed but decided they must know what they’re doing… I was convinced instead to order a tempered glass top. I was asked if I wanted the edge “polished” and I asked what that meant and they said a smooth side, versus just cut glass… ok. So WEEKS and $300 later, after I had to call them and ask if it was ready, my husband picked the top up and… it’s green. Literally. Whole glass has a green tint and the polished side is just solid green!! And the hole they drilled in the center for the screw that secures the top to the base? They got the size right but it was all chipped. I called up and very, very politely asked about the color, assuming (frankly!) they’d say GREEN?! WHAT?! …and beg me to go out of my way to bring it back—or offer to pick it up—and correct their mistake. Instead, they told me I’d gotten what I’d ordered. I very, very nicely probed again, and the response got more defensive, dismissive and disrespectful. This is an art piece! Lucite base and top were designed to flow as one—CLEAR table. The historic and monetary value of the piece died when the original top broke…but I was hoping to at least restore the artistic integrity of the piece!! Now it’s just a Lucite bottom with a wonky green glass top screwed to it. Very disappointed in this local business for doing bad work, neglecting to advise a new customer fully about the color of their glass, and then showing no compassion even—let alone rectifying the situation—when I’d already paid nearly $300!!! SHAME!

— Michelle Borress

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