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124-136 Moriches Bypass, Center Moriches, NY, 11934, US

Phone: (631) 909-3600


We pride ourselves on our unmatched professional service and using only the best quality sprinkler heads, rotary heads, valves, controllers and other sophisticated top-of-the-line in-ground sprinkler system products. We service all sprinkler systems and offer all irrigation services – no job is too big or too small. We provide the efficient irrigation system essential to keeping your property investment safe. Your landscape and lawn require proper watering to stay healthy. Through Irrigation Solutions’ proper in-ground commercial sprinkler system installation your landscape will always look its best. A well designed, properly installed system will save you both time and money.

We Can Service, Install and Renovate Any Lawn Sprinkler System
Drip Line, Micro Irrigation, Tennis Courts, Flower Pot Systems, Planting and Shrub Beds and Lawn, Turf and Grass Sprinkler Systems are all within our area of expertise. We are an established and well-respected company with 5 trucks servicing the Hamptons and other parts of eastern Long Island every day so we can handle all service calls immediately. You will never have a 2-week wait time to get something fixed! We will get there faster than any other company.


If your looking for quality and the upmost professional service, someone who stands by their product you found the right place.

— facebook

Great job fixing my existing system and adding new zones. Just wish I would have used you from the start. Thank you.

— facebook

I have been using irrigation solutions for many years to service my sprinkler system. They are always prompt and reliable and do a great job in general. Last night we realized we had a sprinkler close to our home that wouldn't turn off. We called at 9pm Saturday night and they had a crew here the following morning at 8am to fix it (a Sunday!!). I don't know anyone else in the hamptons that's able to provide such prompt and reliable service over the summer season. We really appreciated it and will use them for as long as we own this home!

— Steven M

Non stop problems year over year. We have to call and complain --they charge us to get the system running --- and we find heads not working, etc. This year, found 2 out of 6 zones completely shut off --when i went to turn them on, found heads not working and barely working --and caught it in time before lawn started to burn. Called to ask what the heck is going on, why they would have 2 zones completely shut off and things not working again --owners response --we are no longer servicing your property bc there are problems every year. Yes--there are problems the last 2 years (vs the 6 or so we have used them). Not the customers problem you hire people that dont do their job properly. Ridiculous response.

— Kevin

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