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36 Nugent Street, Southampton, NY, 11969, US

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Land Use Planning • Impact Analysis • Wetlands Mapping & Permits • Environmental Design

Since 1980, Inter-Science Research Associates, Inc. has been providing land use planning, and environmental services throughout the eastern end of Long Island, New York and beyond. Our location within the historic Village of Southampton places us in the center of some of the most exclusive and unique residential and commercial properties found anywhere in the world. However it also brings with it the challenge of the ever-increasing complexity of the regulatory process. Our work over the past 35 years has given us rich and unique experiences that have honed our professional skills to provide top-quality service to our vast range of clientele.

Inter-Science takes a specialized approach to each project undertaken. We strategically plan every step, to maximize efficiency and increase the likelihood of achieving success for our clients. Our extensive depth of professional knowledge in the natural environment, zoning, planning and development along with our familiarity with the mediation process allows us to reach consensus with agencies earlier in the process, and helps us find resolution for complex problems or what had been previously viewed as irresolvable conflicts.

We have assembled a network of professionals we utilize on an as-needed, case-by-case basis, to assist us with particular issues - for example, site or traffic engineering, rare and endangered flora or fauna, coastal erosion, flood protection, or historic and archaeological resources. These specialists broaden the depth of services we can provide to our clientele.

We're proud of our reputation - one built upon a history of hard work, dedication and professionalism. Whether your project is large or small, consider contacting Inter-Science Research Associates, Inc. Our first-class services will assist you in achieving success.


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