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1116 Main Road, Aquebogue, NY, 11931, US

Phone: (631) 779-2910


At Arthur Murray, we truly care about helping you reach your personal dance goals. We start by offering you a 30-minute introductory consultation. In this first lesson, your instructor uses that time to determine your current skill level and recommend an appropriate course, so that you are not re-learning techniques or jumping too far ahead. You can also use this time to let your instructor know about your personal hopes and dreams for your upcoming lessons.

If you’re looking to impress everyone at your next big event, such as a wedding or cruise, learning a new dance technique could be the way to do it. Our certified instructors can discuss your personal goals with you to ensure that they will cover the types of dancing you are looking to learn. Let us know if you have an upcoming event such as a party, a wedding, or a honeymoon, so that we can help make your experience an enjoyable one. Dancing is also a wonderful and enjoyable way to stay fit and healthy.


I started at this studio 3 years ago and it’s my favorite place to go to. The instructors are wonderful, warm hearted, patient people. Stephanie truly wants this place to be one big happy family for all the students and we are just that. This studio got me out of my shell after getting bullied and yelled at in school too much as well as martial arts. No one hung out with me but now I have friends because of Stephanie, Gary and all the other instructors. We are more than just a dance studio we are one big happy family. Stephanie and Gary work really hard to make me and all other students happy. Thank you so much for making this my 2nd home.

— facebook

Always a great, fun and exciting time. Friends, Fun and DANCING!

— facebook

My husband and I took dance lessons from Marciela for our wedding. It was truly outstanding! Their rates were reasonable and the lessons were a blast. We looked great on our wedding night.

— Helen H.

Arthur Murray Port Jeff - my second home and my second family! My husband and I started dancing at Arthur Murray Port Jeff in 2013 to prepare for our wedding. Our assigned teacher, Jessie, was kind, patient and had a great sense of humor - all required to get us in dancing form in only 3 months! With her help and the help of other instructors, we were able to create a custom dance that was a huge hit at our wedding. But the best was still to come! We have danced here, several days a week, ever since and the only reason we are stopping is because we are moving! Everyone on AM-PJ's staff is just wonderful, they have a great positive energy and they really care about making a fun atmosphere to learn to dance, and it is so much more than that. For many people, Arthur Murray is a way to socialize and make friends, and you can really tell that this is the real goal of this dance studio. They put so much consideration into the social atmosphere as well as the learning atmosphere. It can be a little pricey if you aren't used to the cost of 1-on-1 lessons with highly trained and award winning instructors, but it is SO worth it, and they are willing to work on payment plans. They are so accommodating when it comes to scheduling your lesson around your life and customizing your lessons to whatever your goal is. Stop in for one of the open-nights and see for yourself! I want to shout out to my favorite teachers but...the truth is, they are all amazing! Love you fam!

— facebook

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